Experience the Presence of God

Not everyone has tried, and fewer people all the time even think that it is possible. But human beings can come into direct contact with the Divine! We, meaning those who stop to consider it, because others choose not to, can step close to the unexplainable burning bush. We can place ourselves into a position that will allow God to open our eyes and our hearts to see, feel, and know the Almighty. It is not a physical place nor is it purely mental. We must come to a point in our lives where we are prepared to lay down all that we think we already know and understand. Our brains alone cannot do the trick because we must prepare our souls to receive the Lord. Our hearts must be emptied of self, this clamorous world, and the opinions of others. Prayer will become our ever-increasingly essential channel with which we reach Heavenward and demonstrate that some space deep within us is being swept clean and made available for the Spirit to move in. Desire too will need to increase until we seek to encounter the Lord or cease to live at all. Then, when the Lord sees that He is truly welcome, He can and will move into the light of our awareness. Prophets, Patriarchs, Apostles, and the Saints that found themselves in the presence of God were all utterly undone and floored by what they experienced in their encounters. For us, it will be no different. So we should begin preparing ourselves now, or stop toying with religion!


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