Our Vanity

This sea of mankind is haunted by a million lesser desires. Our hearts want deeply so many things that we sense and even some that we don´t ever stop to think about. We are pulled this way and that and rarely give serious thought to why we are so unhappy. The Bible and Christian testimony try to lift our eyes above our troubles and our depravity. They are not super gurus who have managed to lift men each to their own utopia by tapping into their universes. They offer us something greater still. We have the chance to go right to the Source. We can go to the Answer to everyone’s questions. We do not need to let our hearts yearn after things for ourselves nor set ourselves up as special little gods. We can turn to God Almighty and learn to yearn after Him. If we take even a few steps closer to Him, we will feel better. This is not because of anything to do with us. It has everything to do with the Lord! If we taste only a little of the love, the power, and the wisdom that is found in the Everlasting, then we will want to experience more of Him! A new desire will grow in our souls. This new yearning will burn, but not to lesser things. We will seek Christ and every moment spent in His presence will be sweeter than all the lesser treasures and infinitely more fulfilling!


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