Our Flame

If we could imagine every person in the world holding a candle, it might help us understand our existence. We are given this candle and it is lit when we are conceived and we carry it until the day that we die. When our light finally dies out, so do we. Our imaginary example does not come close to describing this incredible gift of life, but it may help us understand where we stand with God and what our treason may be. Our little light of the candle is not something we carry in our hands or can put down. It is in the essential inner core of our being. God places it there and He lovingly blows this blessing of life into a little flame. When our flame comes near His eternal and self-existent glow ours burns brighter and warmer. When we keep ours far from His flame, ours burns lower and colder. This is where the human spends his or her days. We can improve the quality of our flame and our life by seeking that what intensifies our flame and fills it with His. Worship, prayer, meditating on God´s word, and caring for others are among the beautiful areas where we can fan our flame and help it burn for God. Neglecting or rejecting God, or His Son is when and where we forget to care for the spark that keeps us truly alive. Let us turn our thinking around and begin to work on improving our relationship with the Lord. There is no telling, and also no limit, to what we may discover in God if we can fan the flame inside our souls into a burning fire!


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