Look Above

Humans love to see only with human eyes and turn everything into something we can touch, prove, or comprehend. Fewer people all the time are willing to consider the greater forces and intelligence that bought all that we see into reality and keep our universe running with precision and order. Primitive man was probably more in touch with the mysteries of our existence than we are today. They realized there were energies and powers, intelligence, and great care that we cannot create ourselves, manipulate, or control. They sensed the presence of the mysterious spiritual realms. We are in great danger in our modern age of letting our scientists, psychologists, and physicists keep us from searching into things that they cannot explain. It is tragic to watch modern society reduce God and the Holy Spirit to nothing more than old-fashioned thought. But it is a real crime when our modern religions keep us from seeking to encounter the Lord for ourselves. We, who would give Christ a chance, should go each one to our knees. We should make it our highest priority to lay down our doubts and our lack of faith. We should repent from letting our world influence us, and pray for Divine help in overcoming our limitations. We should ask the Holy Spirit to move again in power today and show us the wonders and joys of believing in a God that is far greater than what we all see!


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