See His Face

They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads.  Revelation 22:4  WEB

The children´s parents spoke often about their uncle to them. They told them stories and even spoke to him on the phone when they were around. But for all they heard about their uncle, they just couldn´t put a face to him until they visited him. It was years in coming. It seemed like forever. But finally, the family got the money together, the plane tickets, and the time off work. The journey overseas itself took almost two days. Eventually, though, those children got to see the uncle they had not been able to see nearly all their young lives. There is coming a day when we will finally be able to see Someone whom we have heard about for a long time. Can we feel the excitement of the encounter sprouting and growing in us?

The day is swiftly approaching where all of what we know will come to an end. Our Savior did not want us to be caught unaware. He has talked about a day when we will see our Heavenly Father face to face. Those who do make it to that glorious event will be specially marked people. They will have God´s name engraved upon them. They will be unmistakably His and He will be undoubtedly theirs. This is not some future occurrence even though on that great day it will finally be our joyous prize. Our belonging to the Lord or not starts now. We confirm our decision each day. Either we are heading closer to God, or choosing other things instead. No mortal can see the face of God and live, but the precious children who place their hope in His Son will easily be distinguished. If we find it in our hearts today to make seeing the face of God, then we can take steps to become truly His!

Dear Lord,

Oh, please tell us that we will be Yours and You will be ours forever! Let us know that soon we will see Your face, we pray!



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