Deserve Heaven Or Not

There is a teaching out there that will prove deadly one day. It is a false teaching or sentiment that religious-minded people can get when they start feeling good about themselves for their decision to believe in God. Many times their lives have been cleaned up and refined and, although this is good, it does not mean that they will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven and are now no longer in need of working on their souls. Our obligation to seek each day to have the Spirit of God living in us is a serious one! It is one we will never outgrow! As long as we wait for our Lord to renew all things, we will need to increase our walk with the Lord, deny ourselves, and take up our crosses. There is never any justifiable cause for us to look down in pity on others. This is because, until things are restored, we still live in a world that belongs to the deceiver. He will try to make us overconfident so that we do not see our need to walk more intimately with the Lord. No, let us not be fooled into thinking we can relax! Let us work harder today than we did yesterday on our walk with God so that we never swell with pride. Let us rather press on harder after our Lord until our tie to Him is strong enough to show that we are His and He is truly ours!


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