The Troubles Of This World

When we start to feel the pain, stress, and troubles of this world bringing us down, all we have to do is turn to God. There is hope in Him because He is far bigger than our problems and our strife. All the strife in this world will be wiped away in an instant when He says that all has been fulfilled that needed to be done. In the blink of an eye, all crying and pain will disappear. The Almighty orchestrated His plan to save mankind and restore us to intimate fellowship with Him as we were initially brought into existence for. Sure, our world chose to rebel against Him and go along with the Father of All Troubles and Lies. But, even the part that we played in that treason has been carefully and lovingly dealt with. What remains to be seen in God´s great plan of redemption will be the most breathtaking of all! We shall see the return of our Savior, the King of Kings! We will be brought into the presence of God and see Him face to face! We will have every tear dried and have no more cause to suffer! There, we will be with God, and He will be with us! A time has been given for the troubles of our world. But, when we experience the joys that we will soon see, none of these problems will ever be able to bring us down again! Look up to the Lord! His salvation is with Him, our hope, our joy forever! Amen!


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