Open To The Holy Spirit

t is ridiculous to try to become a follower or an expert on God without willfully seeking to give our hearts over to the wonder and working of the Spirit. We must be brought through the steps of coming to know the Great Unseen God in living experience and not just with our minds. But, men and women are forever trying to do just that. We grab books. We listen to well-studied teachers. We attend services. We declare boldly the things that we have reasoned out in our heads. The thing that we forget is that God is not to be learned as a subject or figured out in our brains. Rather, our awareness of God comes to us when we are not the ones grabbing, declaring, and figuring. The Holy Spirit is Wisdom and Power. But He comes to us when we humbly choose to meet with Him on His terms. He longs to sweep us off our feet with the realization of the Presence of God, but our education cannot even begin until we lay down all that we know and are ready to be shown. The things of God are spiritual. He must be morally and spiritually discerned. Christ can be believed on with a little openness of our minds, but to proceed up into the realms where God is alive and moving in our lives, we need our Guide. Let us pray that our hearts may be opened and we can start to learn the deep spiritual ways of God. Let us call on the Holy Spirit and tune ourselves to Him every day so that He can thrill us with all that we should be experiencing both the Father and the Son!


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