God Will Illuminate

There will be no night, and they need no lamp light; for the Lord God will illuminate them. They will reign forever and ever.  Revelation 22:5  WEB

The fire season was unusually bad in the Western United States recently. A family visiting there was driving through the desert and it was nearing sunset. Visibility was poor and they could hardly see the hills and mountains that were all around. Then, unlike any typical evening, the sun went from barely visible to non-existent. The short twilight had been an eerie blood red and then they found themselves driving along in thick darkness. It seemed to them that somebody just turned the lights out. What will we rely on in the days to come to illuminate us?

The old cartoon illustration of a light bulb over someone´s head when they got an idea may help us see what it can be like with God. God is Spirit and forever working on levels far higher than human intelligence can see. Those who draw near the Lord in their hearts can be made to see. This gives no credit to their light bulb. Rather, it is the Spirit of God that glows and shows us His wonders. Heaven is not like our earth. No man has seen the mysteries that will be revealed there. But our Great Father is there. Near Him, things will always be clearer and brighter. Further from Him, everything is always darker and less certain. We can start now to fill our eyes, our hearts, and our souls with the Light of the Kingdom of God. God´s Son was called the Light of the World. If we step closer to Him today, we can have hope that we will forever see more clearly into the Light of God. He will be all we ever need and all we want to see!

Dear Lord,

Help us step nearer to You and fuller into Your Light. Shine on us, in us, and all around us with Your presence, we pray!



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