Can´t Lose God Today

God lovingly made mankind to be with Him, to walk with Him, to talk with Him, and to engage constantly in the most intimate of relationships. Our forefathers tried to share this with us. But modern thought would steal it from us. We now live in an age where we have taken the seat of honor in our hearts and souls. We bow to no one and nothing but what we desire and what we choose. The abomination that causes desolation has is set up in our hearts where it shouldn´t be. Yet, we cannot even see where we have gone astray! We wake in the morning, say a quick prayer, (mostly that our day will be prosperous or enjoyable for us), then charge off to get all we can out of our day. Without knowing or even thinking about it, we edge the Lord right out of our way and barge ahead with whatever we have on our agendas. It is time, and hopefully not too late, that some do hear and turn to seek our Savior. Today, if we hear a tiny voice inside calling us to contemplate the Lord, let nothing keep us from doing just that. Let us come to our knees. Let us get off our easy chairs. Let us seek the Spirit of God and pray that He may come in and fill our lives with His presence! We need Him now more than ever, let´s not lose this chance!


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