Going Out Of Our Way

That there are levels or degrees to knowing someone is common knowledge. Everyone knows that if we say we love someone or are interested in them we should cultivate our understanding of that person and devote ourselves to that relationship. There are things that we can do to improve every relationship we have. But, how sad is it, when people say that they believe in God, and never really go out of their way to develop that relationship more. We make a declaration of faith and then often go through the rest of our lives trying to hold to a pattern of what other Christians around us are doing. This is not what we should call being in a relationship with the Lord. If we want to say that we know the Lord, time and real effort should be invested in our walk with Him. This means that we should study what we can about Him. We should strive to increase the time we spend with Him. We should develop and build our habits of speaking with Him. We should become experts on sensing His presence and growing our awareness of His movement. The precious few who do take their walk with the Lord seriously will testify that there is no other experience in this life that can compare to coming to know the Wonder that Is our God!


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