Set Our Wills On God

Many people try to do the right things for the right reasons and wind up getting frustrated. The Bible encourages us to act righteously and responsibly but most times we go about it completely wrong. We fall pitifully short when God becomes a means to an end for us. Our emphasis, and our attention, are completely directed towards us and we are not what our faith should be directed at. We should take great pains to make sure that God becomes our reason, our goal, our help, and our Friend. And then our souls can be tuned to Him. As He truly becomes our heart´s desire, our wills will die on their own little crosses. We then become free to will His will. He becomes the object of our attention, our faith, and our love. No longer do we need to be so self-regarding. We become God-regarding. We God is our focus, we learn to devote our desires, our time, and our actions to Him. This is not because we are trying to be righteous. It is because He is righteous and He is what we are wrapped up in. Righteousness begins to shine on our garments not because we have washed them, but because they are beginning to reflect the purity of the One we are walking with. If we step closer to the Lord, if we get really intimate with the Savior, if we manage to make God our highest will, then our struggles are no longer ours alone. They are His too! Then we can count on all the unlimited power and righteousness of God Almighty to direct the rest of our souls!


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