The Only God We Need

Many religions supposedly point us towards God. While on the other hand, it is also becoming more popular to downplay religion.  We may wonder what it is that we really need. Well, if having no God offers us no hope, then we might want to continue looking. Because if someone out there can offer us a God that we can come to know personally, it would help to look into it. If the God we seek loves us with a love so intense that He is willing to sacrifice His own comfort to save us, then we are doing better. If the God we choose is a Living God, One who can be spoken with and walked with daily, then hope can come into our hearts. If the God we choose to love has a plan to bring us into His arms so that we can discover Him in millions of new ways all the time, then we have found the God who is big enough. If the God we find to worship is not limited to days, rituals, interpretation, or humanly-controlled groups, then we can look up to Him in wonder. If we can come as we are and find in the Lord our comfort without relying on other people or the stipulations they would give us, then we have found the Great Spirit and the God who inhabits all eternity. We don´t need a god that we cannot come close to or never come to know personally. Let others have their lesser gods. Let us seek the Divine Ruler of All Things and learn to love and walk with Him more each day, then He will define whatever religion can mean to us as He whispers it directly into our souls!


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