Burn For More Of God

If we have experienced little or much of the wonder that we call God, we should have been touched enough to spark more interest within. Our god would be a tiny thing indeed if after meeting him we were not stricken with the bliss and awe of our encounter. But the Almighty and Unseen God of All Creation is infinitely greater than any imaginings of Him. One single encounter, no matter how small, should leave the wondering worshipper undone and bewildered with what we saw, heard, or felt. Far deeper than interpretations or fine arguments, actually engaging with the Divine should shake the foundations of our beings. To stand, or rather fall in the presence of One so great, should thrill these hearts and send us on the mission of our lives. Forever will we seek to experience more of His infinite wisdom, strength, and love. We will want to be ever closer to the One that we cannot with words explain. We will want to grow so close that His Spirit enters our souls and increasingly fill our lives with His presence and movement. Our hearts will be on fire for more of Him. We will burn. That smoldering inside will be God in us, forging our lives and fanning up the flames of desire for more, ever more of Him!


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