The God of the Spirits


He said to me, “These words are faithful and true. The Lord God of the spirits of the prophets sent his angel to show to his bondservants the things which must happen soon.”  Revelation 22:6  WEB

On a visit to an ancient monastery in a remote canyon in Southern Europe, a group of visitors found open tombs carved into the rock. They were laying just outside of the ruins and some were in little rows. There was no sign of the remains of the people who had rested there. But, it brought a solemn reminder of the mysterious gift of life. One could not help but think of the souls of those who had once lain there to rest. Do we still humbly contemplate God and the spirits of the prophets that He sent to us?

Throughout the centuries there have been souls that worked hard to connect their lives to that of the Being that lovingly brought us here and gives us this gift of life. They took nominal beliefs and cultivated them until their hearts came to know the great mysterious Spirit of God. They were made aware of God´s presence and were drawn closer to Him. He was able to speak with them, instruct them, and reveal His good intentions to them. They walked a higher and more privileged walk the Lord. The truth is that God has always been looking for people who were tuned enough to Him to hear His voice of instruction. We could be that kind of people. Let us pray now to open our hearts unto the Lord so that He can move more freely in our lives. Let us pray for awareness of the presence, power, and love of God today so that we will be filled with His spirit too!

Dear Lord,

When the world looks to everything else, please help us look to You. Let us come near enough to You that You can tell us Your secrets and thrill us with Your Presence, we pray!Amen


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