Putting Limits On God

Many good people would never actually admit that they place limits on God but at the same time they do not really believe that He will display His works openly to us. This is a crime not completely against God but to ourselves as well. God wants to show us how much He cares and is willing to do miraculous works in our lives. The limiting factor is most often us! We are being taught nowadays not to ask too much from our relationship with the Lord so that our feeble faith is never placed in a precarious position. We do not want our hopes to be crushed. This is deception at its finest. God calls for faith in even the tiniest amounts. He is willing to overlook our lack of it. But He is looking for those who would step into the scary position of being out on a limb for Him. Those who would hope in God against any trust in science or the way of things in our world will always be the odd ones out. We will forever be a peculiar breed. The world will always ridicule us. Perhaps even our church will not understand our reckless faith. Yet we will trust God even if we are the only ones in the world. Then, when He knows He has found hearts in which He can move, mold, and bewilder, He will display His wonders! Let us reject violently any influence that reduces the chance of God moving mountains in our lives and the world around us today!


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