The Highest Endeavor

If we would look for an ultimate task for any human being, it would not be to seek personal gain as is common these days. It would rather be, to wade through the maze of theories and external pressures and for each of us to find a way to connect ourselves to the God who keeps our fragile lives ticking. Millions of factors every day would try to remove our chances of coming to know Him and millions more would threaten our moral and physical health. Darkness would not want us to come to see the light. Deception has reigned too long. It sharpens its skills at making us trust ourselves as the ultimate wisdom and judge. Yet there still sounds a still small voice out into the universe. This whisper of the Spirit calls us to look to something greater than ourselves. We are invited to raise our gaze above all that we see here and contemplate One so mighty, so good, so wise, and so loving that all the books in the world cannot define. Yet there God waits for souls that He can show Himself to. Far deeper than merely finding religion, He looks for individuals who would come to know Him. The Lord wants hearts that long to meet Him and be blown away with what they will experience. We can be those few! Let us set our hearts to pressing on past every distraction and step close enough to the Lord that He brings us into His presence in living experience today!


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