Good Or Bad

A major concern for many people in life is how to overcome our constant struggle to do what is right or what is wrong.  A lot of good people have somehow been led astray and think that by doing good we will be closer to God and make Him happier in the process. Unfortunately, this concept is completely backward. If we could grow closer to God first, in honesty of spirit and living reality, then all our outward expressions would reflect the presence and nearness of our kind and righteous Lord. Another problem with focusing first on the actions-to-reach-God method is that we easily get caught up in focusing on ourselves and the actions and then never get around to focusing on the One we would hope to please by our efforts. This results in actions that lack both the Spirit and will of God. We resemble the Pharisees of old who struggle determinedly ahead with their misfocused plans meanwhile they are doing away with the very One that came to save us. No, it would go much better for us to turn from ourselves and all of our ways. Let us humble ourselves and seek our Savior first. If we are serious enough in our search and we create a special bond with Him and a relationship that is vibrant and real, then He will surely lead our hearts into the right kind of good and we will be farther than ever from doing the bad.


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