The Sacred to Replace the Secular

Our problems today continue to escalate. Darkness has managed to confuse mankind and trick us yet again out of our rightful access to God. We have let ourselves lose our relationship with the Lord until we see our world as divided. We see spiritual things on one side and secular things are everything else that does not have to do with God. Our lives are fuller all the time of these things that we somehow lump together and unconsciously think about as not having anything to do with the Divine. However, this separation or classification was never intended to exist. God did not want His children to choose this treason. The Lord wanted always to be the central part and walk through each day with us. It is in our hearts where this divide has crept in. We charge out every morning to deal with our busy lives and hardly give God a thought until we run into a problem. Oh, if only we could change our direction! If we could reverse this way of thinking we have! If only we could get our heads, our hearts, and our souls to open up to the Lord once again! If we would choose to make it our mission today, we could see to it that nothing in our day, or our lives, will be called secular. Let us work along with the Holy Spirit now and try to bring our Savior right into everything! Surely our lives would not be so complicated and we would know the thrill of walking every step with our God!


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