Powerless Religion

Modern philosophy has tried to take the supernatural out of religion. It has almost completely succeeded. Fewer people all the time are willing to step out on a limb and say that they believe in some Unexplainable Wonder that lives beyond our powers to define or reveal. The very book that teaches us of the existence, miraculous power, and love of our mysterious God also told us that this would happen. Christ Himself spoke of the direction humanity would take and the confidence they would place in their own opinions. We prefer to boast about all the things we think we understand rather than to humble ourselves and admit that there are wonderful things that we don´t. Yet God has not turned His back completely on our race. There are still some, even if painfully few, who will stand to face the storm of popular opinion. They hear the argument, but for an almost undetectable voice whispering in their ears, they will press on. They want to come to know the One that the unbelieving will not see. They will follow their heart´s yearning for mysterious power despite what others try to put in their heads. They want to encounter the Divine. If they persist, they will. And, what they experience will not be able to be explained. They will be shown miracles of pure power and be blown away with what will fill the heart, not just the head!


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