Walk the Walk

Nowadays we think of faith as a mere conclusion that we should believe in God. We somehow convince ourselves or find a group of believers whose theology we can agree with. Then, we make the big statement that we are Christians and set out to start living like them. But we are wrong. The whole business of deciding, choosing, declaring, and living does not really give us God. We still go on living for ourselves and find ourselves struggling with every issue under the sun. This is not the faith that the Bible points us to and it is not what our churches should be selling. The Bible gives us God. It offers us a Savior. It would have us enter a relationship with the Divine. The Bible asks us to take our eyes off of ourselves and our world. This is the kind of religion we should be taught. If we are not waking up to new revelations of power, love, and awareness of the living God all around us each day, we have been sold something much less than we deserve. We may call ourselves Christians, we may increase numbers for some institution, but if the Holy Spirit is not free to flow constantly through us, then we may want to run to our knees! But, if the one thing that gives us hope in this life is our intimate and vibrant walk throughout our day with our Lord, then, and only then, are we truly His!


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