Wrong Focus Forfeits Our Chance

Unbelief keeps the earth-focused people from knowing the Lord, But the self-focused people are in greater danger of losing their chance of coming to know the Almighty God. They may think that they have found their religion, their beliefs, and their faith in God but because they are so wrapped up in them and their things, they plod right along with the unbelieving. They go their own ways all the while thinking they are walking directly towards Heaven. The deceiver has caught them unawares. Unfortunately, our churches may not see it either and they can go their entire life never suspecting that their chance of meeting the Lord is wasting away. We all must try the spirits daily. We must check our direction often. We must make it the priority of our day to get one-on-one with our Maker. If His voice is not guiding us. If we have not found Him in real encounters, we cannot sit back and relax. We should run to our knees whenever we find that there is ground to be gained in our relationship with our Savior! Every thought, every action, every moment that is not lived through in conscious awareness with our Lord, are steps that could be leading us further from God and not closer! Let us hear the warning! Let us listen for the faint whisper that turns us from us and drives us hard in our search for more of the Lord!


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