When Troubles Come

Troubles will come and often they loom over us threatening to do us in. This is common in this world and one can easily lose hope. But, if we look above them intending to see right into the throne room of God, our focus will shift from us to Him. When we do everything will look much brighter. God is strength. God is love. He has His plan and is working it swiftly to its promised end. Read up on prophecy. Study God´s word. We do not need to find someone new to tell us where to go. Go to the Lord. Seek Him out. We do well to go to church if it draws us nearer to Him. Search for the Savior. Speak with Him often. Develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Desiring after the Lord is our best quality. It will gain us more of Him. Make God our highest priority today. Settle for nothing less than knowing the Savior intimately and walking with Him throughout our day! Our troubles can only bring us down when our gaze shifts away from the Almighty and we start pitying ourselves! We can only see troubles as trouble when we turn away from Him. Otherwise, they would only be seen as new opportunities through which we will be able to glorify the Lord! Fixing our attention on God places us right where we should be with Him and where He can take care of us!


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