The One Who Heard

Now I, John, am the one who heard and saw these things. When I heard and saw, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel who had shown me these things.  Revelation 22:8  WEB

She was quite young when Michael Jackson came to tour her country. But she was thrilled beyond belief when she had the opportunity to see him perform live. Nothing that she had ever been told and or had seen of him up to that day could ever possibly compare! She was reeling from the emotion of it all. She loved music and dance and his show was the cutting edge of the time! He put on an incredibly entertaining show that she still talks of all these years later. We can imagine quite a lot of things, but sometimes it helps to hear directly from someone who experienced what they have to share personally.

Those who have encountered the Lord in person and those who have been given a message directly from Him have a difficult job. They would like to share what they heard and what they saw with others. They were moved beyond belief and sometimes we will never get the depth of what they are trying to say except by observing how they were touched by what they were blessed with. Listening to the lady of her thrilling concert makes others wish they had seen it too. John reveals to us what he heard and saw too, but his was prophecy. God relayed to him wonders and messages for those who would put their hope in the Lord. He fell down to worship. What will we do when our hearts ponder his testimony? Will we let our hearts be moved enough to fill us with hope and direct our lives towards our Savior?

Dear Lord,

Please help us take every testimony we can of You and Your plans and let them grow inside our hearts. Let us be so moved that we seek to encounter You in our lives today too, we pray!



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