God´s Greatest Gift To Us

God´s gracious gifts to us are constant, each breath of life and every heartbeat. Those who are grateful have millions of reasons to praise Him. He makes the sun to shine and the rain to fall on the good and bad alike. He brings people into our lives, friends, and family members. Every comfort and each success were handed to us, often without us even realizing that it was by some sweet providence that God chose to send those blessings our way. But, the single-most special Gift was when He sent even more of Himself to us. He gave us His Son! Jesus was the greatest miracle this world has ever seen. He is our priceless treasure. No gift can ever compare to the Gift of Christ unto us! In Him, we find hope and cheer! In Jesus, the King born in a manger, we find our Way into the arms of our Heavenly Father forever! Let us sing and rejoice! Let our love and gratitude flow unto our loving God for His unlimited mercy and kindness! Then let us learn to walk each day in personal contact and a growing relationship with Christ, God´s greatest Gift to us!


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