Embracing The Birth Of Jesus

Those who reject God would have us think that it is ridiculous to believe in Him. But those who have drawn near to Him in Spirit and have sensed the power and Hope of Salvation will accept the scorn of our peers and seek to know Christ anyway. Even though others look down upon us, we can rise up in hope. In our dark days where there is more deception than honesty, this hope is a strengthening relief. However, the benefits do not end with a more optimistic view of our world or future. There, behind the belief or non-belief, is the most inexplainable Entity that we can to come to know. There may be few these days who will take their religion that far, but the invitation is still open. We can come to know the Wonder that is called the Son of God. We can get to know Christ intimately. We do not have to take someone else´s word for it. We can approach Him ourselves. We do not need to settle for an educated decision made from studying books, or even the Bible. These are indispensable and help us immensely, but the experience of meeting God, encountering His Son, and being filled with the Holy Spirit are all very real and very powerful things that we can and should press on into in living experience! Let them scoff all they want at us. But, when we do break through and bow in the overwhelming presence of God, nothing in the universe will drag our reeling hearts down!


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