The Time Is At Hand

He said to me, “Don’t seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is at hand.  Revelation 22:10  WEB

That pregnancy was her second one and she found it much different from the first. This time came right in the hottest months of the summer. She had more aches and pains and swelling. The child inside her belly moved a lot. It was uncomfortable. When she reached her due date, she was already more than anxious. But the baby did not come. Her pregnancy dragged on for almost two more weeks, and so did her struggle. Some of the family had come from far to be there for the birth, but they needed to get back to their homes or work. Everyone was waiting for the moment the baby would come. Have we ever waited anxiously for something?

The time did come for the mother to go in and she did come home from the hospital with her precious little child. We too are waiting for a time that means much more than even the birth of a baby. All of the human race is waiting for the time when God will be revealed, our Savior and Redeemer will come to restore His Kingdom and do away with all that is wrong with our world. The message given to the prophet is that the time is at hand! We can spread the news! Christ is making the last and final preparations! Even as He stands at the very door to make His grand entrance, we should be making a place for Him in our hearts. We should be organizing our lives to receive Him. We should be planning for His arrival like a mother yearning for the birth of her baby! Let us make it important. Let us place more importance on the joy that we will have when we see Christ´s face!

Dear Lord,

Let the prophecy give us a sense of immediacy so that we do today what is needed to prepare our hearts for Your coming. Help us live in mounting expectancy to be with You soon!



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