Our Answers Found

Anywhere that real faith is found, there will always be an overwhelming sensation of love felt towards the Bible. Those who are inclined to know the God of All Things will all have a hunger for the Scriptures that will be unmistakable. Many people like to use the Bible as a tool to make themselves look like the authority. They have studied and point to the Bible as proof that they know their stuff. But, it is not the Christian´s job to find a book that holds the answers to the questions even though the answer to every question can be found in it. Christ is our answer. He is what we need even more than we need the next heartbeat or the next breath of air. The Scriptures serve to bring us to an awareness of our Savior, into a relationship with Him, an engagement, an encounter, a walk with Him. Our future, our life, and all our answers are ultimately found when we find ourselves in and with the Lord! So, we can do nothing better than run to find our answers. But we should make sure that any answer we find is more than just the letter. Our Answer will be the One we find, the One the pages of Scripture bring us to, and the One we can walk with throughout the rest of eternity!


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