Much Of Us Is Less Of The Lord

A strange thing happens in the hearts of the children of the earth. When too much of our attention turns to us, less attention turns to God. This happens in many aspects and we could imagine that if it is let go unchecked, will completely spoil the batch. One can bow at the very altar of God and still do nothing but go on and on about themselves. We could pray to the Lord but only have our own gains at heart. We could ask for all the blessings of Heaven, but never truly ask for more of the Giver of those gifts. The things that puff us up only serve to enhance this terrible treason. Whenever we feel good about ourselves, we are ignoring the Lord´s hand and His grace that brought all that is good to us. Whenever we focus on our desires, our treasures, our hopes, we are not looking unto Him no matter how flattering our words are or how much we use His name. No, if we truly want to experience the Lord and sense His powerful movement in our life, we will need to turn away from ourselves and seek Him again. Pray that more of God´s children will humble themselves and seek to lift Christ up at any cost to us!


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