Love Will Show

We may hear loud and proud those who claim to hold the secrets of God or who boast of a closer standing to Him. But, if we pay attention we will see whether or not what they have to say comes from the movement of the Holy Spirit or not. If the person or the message they give us is not overflowing with love and concern for others, then we can be sure that their religious experience is not as God-oriented as it could be. The same goes for our own spiritual highs, if the sensation of drawing nearer to Christ or more awareness of Him also brings with it a burden of love for God´s children all around us, we can be pretty sure that it genuinely came from above. God is love and a step closer to Him places more of that love in and all around us. So, let us pray to be filled with the Spirit of the Lord today and that those around us will sense God´s love and care growing in us.


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