Two Kinds of Christians

We might like to think that everyone who declares faith in Jesus has gained their place in Heaven. Although there are texts that some will use to try and prove that wish to be true, it is not what Christ said nor what the Bible wants us to believe. There have always been very religious people who were extremely convicted with their beliefs. But being convicted does not always mean that we have met the One we supposedly bow down to worship. The holier external actions can quite easily replace the necessity we each should feel within to turn to God out of our confidence that it is already done. The danger in this is because the actions are God-oriented, we are led to think that we are already walking with God. Anything that makes us relax and not see an urgency to grow our relationship with Him is a trap. The deceiver has always looked for a way to keep us from knowing the Lord in real experience. If he succeeds, God is robbed of having children who want nothing more than to be with Him. On the other hand, there are still a few souls who recognize that their hearts are never well unless they are fed daily from the heart of God as their souls mingle with His. This is the kind of worshipper Christ calls for, ones who want to be with Him more than a desire to merely wear His name!


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