What the Day Will Bring

He who acts unjustly, let him act unjustly still. He who is filthy, let him be filthy still. He who is righteous, let him do righteousness still. He who is holy, let him be holy still.”  Revelation 22:11  WEB

It was a normal weekend morning and a family was just getting their day started. After breakfast, a neighbor lady called them in a panic. Half dressed in their pajamas, they ran over to see what they could do to help. They found the neighbor´s husband still in bed struggling to breathe. The minutes stretched on seemingly forever until the ambulance arrived. The rest of the day was spent in and out of the hospital. All was well in the end, but you never know what each day will bring. Are we living as if we are prepared for the unexpected?

Prophecy tells us that in the end times people will carry on doing the things they have set their hearts on. This is not merely a fair description of our day, it is a warning too! For the person who cares, there may still be some time to focus our lives on what will last. The rest will still do whatever they like. But the prophecy still gives us this hope. God´s own will continue to look where their hearts drive them. The wayward will continue to chase every passion of their own. We few who care can turn deep within our souls. We can seek that peace, that love, and that Presence that is the only Thing that will ever fill the souls of men. As the urgency grows and the times become more chaotic, we can set our hearts firm on being with the Lord. We can seek to be with Him. If we are sincere, then the prophecy is not a warning, but hope and we will soon be with the One we are waiting for!

Dear Lord,

Let us choose You! Fill the horizons of our day with Your glorious presence and help us yearn to be with You always!



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