The Bible Still Shines

It might not be the popular thing in our day to say that we go to the Bible to find and know our Unseen God. The world has gained strength in its argument against humble souls who would like to experience the Lord and come to know the Savior Who died for them. The arguments are many but all try to downplay the Word of God and try to rob it of its power to illuminate our souls. However strong their arguments are and no matter how fierce their criticism, the few who still go to the Scriptures with an open heart, can have their souls fed. The Bible gives off a glow that is the perfect strength and intensity for a searching soul to find our mysterious God. In its pages, we can be lifted to heights that our skeptic peers will never know. It is called the Living Word because as we read, we can be tuned to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. He guides our searching hearts and fills us with knowledge, unlike any other book. Our minds may agree with the knowledge we are given through the Scripture, but the power of the Bible comes from the Presence of the Almighty that we can be brought unto through those blessed pages. So, let them scoff. And let the souls who care still come to Word to meet our God!


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