Our Chance To Be With God

Right now the world is gaining strength in its effort to do away with faith in God completely. Or at least, the dark forces would water down the whole concept of God to try and make Him and our Savior Jesus Christ to a point where it loses effectiveness and hearts will no longer turn to Him in earnest. All has been foretold through prophecy and we do not need to act surprised. However, there are still some who have stood in the face of the storm, and, out of a secret bent of their souls, they sought out the Lord and have found Him. These children of the burning heart have met our God in true encounters and were left undone and thrilled at what they experienced. Their testimonies are too wonderful to ignore. Because they are not the proud or arrogant ones who shout loudly of themselves as the experts, their voices may go overlooked unless we want to hear them or try to. The Holy Spirit may not be talked about as much these days, but He is still moving powerfully. It will only take genuine souls who really want to know the Lord and we too can and should experience the Divine too! If we can make our search that important to us, we could be the ones who will be blown away by our encounter with the Almighty God. Who is up for the challenge today?


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