Have Our Friend

A lot of good people get the sensation that they are all alone even though we are surrounded by the crowds. We bustle into our jobs, schools, and shopping centers and all the while feeling like nobody really knows us well, cares about our intimate details, or is there when we needed them most. Although the sensations and feelings are common and everyone will sense them at one time or another, it is a lie. There are unseen powers that would have us believe that we are all alone when in all actuality, we are not. There is Someone Who cares more about us than even we do. God has ever longed to be with us, to spend time with us, and go with us into every situation we may face in our day! Modern religions may fail to offer us this friend, society and trends will try to steal Him from us. But, we could have our dearest Friend actively participating in every single thing that we let Him in on. The Lord is here, waiting to be experienced. Let us choose to have our Greatest Friend and Helper, and learn to walk with Him all the time!


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