Experience God Before

When we feel like God is far away or was sold to us as a myth, we may be tempted to leave the notion of coming to know Him as impossible and go on with our lives like everybody else. Unfortunately, this is just what the enemies of our souls would like us to do. But, before we do give up on God, we might want to give Him one more chance. Even though nobody may be encouraging us to, it doesn´t mean that we cannot come unto Him. If we focus ourselves on Christ, if we direct our hearts unto Him, if we seek Him in earnest, He will be found. The catchy phrases or light talk cannot give us an accurate description of what will happen to us when we do experience the Lord in a true encounter. We can read of how others felt or their reactions to it. But our experience will still leave us thrilled beyond compare and bewildered beyond words. Anyone who has not had their reality peeled away frightfully and realized themselves to be bowing before Diety should make every effort to reach that moment! Never take the word for another and then plod along not looking for it to happen to us! We must seize our chance and press forward until we receive our reward. Nobody will ever regret it!


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