The Greatest Investment

There is One Who has invested a lot more time, energy, concern, sweat, tears, and even blood, to make sure that we are cared for. The concern our Lord has for us goes much deeper and infinitely further than even our temporary concerns for our own safety or welfare. God cares for our souls. He cares for our futures as well as our present. He is not like a physician who would patch up our immediate health, He would solve all our problems in this life and the next, if, we would but let Him. Far more important than fixing our far distant futures though, or our standing in the spiritual realms, God would give us the greatest Gift of all. Himself! He would be with us today. He would go into every situation we face right there with us. We will have the Creator of the Universe as our strength, our wisdom, and our Guide. Investing time in seeking His Presence will bring endless returns as the more He is allowed into our conscious present, the more mightily He can move in and around us! Let´s invest in having the King of Kings with us right now!


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