The Moment Of Enlightenment

Those who have had an encounter with God will testify to how terrifying and thrilling it is all at the same time. It leaves the wondering venture undone and without anything to hold onto except the grace and mercy of Christ. These burning bush experiences happen far too seldomly. But, they are what distinguish true believers from those who just toy with religion. It takes an aching soul that knows it has heard the voice of the Holy Spirit calling it to its true Home in God. It takes hunger and thirst on the part of the would-be worshipper. It takes perseverance on the part of the seeker. Anyone who just wistfully wishes that someday maybe they could possibly have a real encounter, will not press forward in their pursuit of Him. The heart will need to know that it will die if it doesn´t get what it desires. And that desire will be to be closer to the Lord and know Him in personal living experience. Let us choose to be the kind of driven seekers that will have nothing if we cannot come near the Lord and experience the presence of God flash over our conscience and leave us bewildered and blessed!


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