I Come Quickly

“Behold, I come quickly. My reward is with me, to repay to each man according to his work.  Revelation 22:12  WEB

Because the lady lived far away from her family, she had to communicate with them by phone. One part of nearly every conversation was when will we see each other. Sometimes there was no chance of anyone making a trip anytime soon. Other times, there was a trip in the planning. But the bottom line was that everyone was hoping that they would soon be enjoying the others´ company. Have we ever desired to see someone soon?

Christ gives us the word of His soon arrival. He promises not to delay but will be here before we know it. For His followers who look forward to His coming, it may seem that it is taking way too long. We could easily start to think that He is not placing the urgency that we would like. This yearning, this desire is good as long as it makes us want to prepare all the more for the imminent arrival. But, if we start to hold ill feelings or resentment towards the Savior of our souls, we might want to test which spirit we are listening to. What we do with our time of anxious waiting is important. We could busy ourselves with intensifying and strengthening our walk with our Prince to assure us of knowing each other well when He does break through the clouds of glory. We can trust the Savior to return at the most precise moment when God knows is right. So, we can let ourselves get excited now and step closer in heart and Spirit to the One who loves us most!

Dear Lord,

Let the words of Your soon return, ring in our ears, and hold our attention on being with You! Drive our hearts to mingle increasingly with Yours in preparation for the day we will be together forever we pray,



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