Devotion Demonstrated

Far too much emphasis is placed these days on arguing beliefs in doctrines. Nearly everyone who stands up for their belief in Christ has had to fall back on their standing on doctrines. We think that we can prove our love for the Lord by engaging in discussion of where our sentiments and notions of the Lord lay. But all the while, when we are disputing or defending, we are proving little or nothing. The only person we need to convince is God. The only one who truly needs to know we love the Lord is Jesus. If He knows it, if He feels it, it will show in the way we walk with Him. What others think of us falls pretty low on the agenda when we start to focus on the Maker of the Stars, and the Alpha and Omega! Let each man, woman, or child humble ourselves and turn to Christ in earnest. Let each one seek to build up the most vital and constant walk with the Son of God, and the need to prove ourselves will cease. We can turn our testimony from defending ourselves to adoring the Lord! We can turn our eyes from us to the One we supposedly love! So, if someone asks us today how we can prove that we follow Christ, let us show them by getting down onto our knees and taking up the matter with Him first!

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