Constantly With Christ

God´s Son went further than anyone in the entire universe to make sure that we could have an unceasing and intimate relationship with the Lord. He gave up His seat in Heaven to be made into one of us only to suffer and die in the hopes of bringing us into that special union with God. The least we could do on our part is try our best to reciprocate His loving gesture to the best of our abilities. We should seek a close walk with Him as He first sought us. We should try to draw near to God in our hearts as that is why He went so far. Few people seem to realize that they can encounter the Lord and walk with Him throughout our day. Yet it is true, there have always been a few individuals who have testified to the thrill and reality of walking daily with the Lord. We have the choice of where to put our interests and our efforts. We could choose ourselves, our lives, and our dreams. Or, we could choose to fix our hearts on searching out the wonders and joys of knowing God. The stronger our bond grows, the more we come to know the Lord, the more we will be marvelously surprised at His infinite love, wisdom, and power. God will lift us up and hold us close to Him in new spiritual heights if only we show Him that we want to be with Him too! Let us go after the Lord as He has gone so far to be with us!


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