The Lonely Walk With Christ

There exists a strange phenomenon in the true children of God that makes them feel alone even when they might be surrounded by others. They can even sense this loneliness when sitting in a church function surrounded by like-minded souls and hearts that yearn for the Lord. Some have called it carrying a cross for Christ. Others may explain it as an affliction or a thorn. The cause of this sensation of loneliness is often difficult to detect. But people who do go out of their way to turn their faith into a real and personal walk with God, will all recognize that sensation that nobody else is near them in that walk they share with Him. This loneliness is not something we should shy away from or try to preach out of others. It is good for us to feel what Christ felt when He poured His heart out to the Father. Our walk with God is ours alone. Nobody else can take the steps we need to take with the Lord with us. They are steps to be taken only with Him. They serve to make us need His strength and His presence. They are the ties that we make with the Lord that build our relationship and show we are truly walking with Him. So, if we feel alone in our walk with Christ and the level of devotion we feel to Him, take heart today because it will allow us to need Him more and cling ever closer to Him!

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