The Drive Of The Soul

When God created all things, He made humans to be special creatures. He made us so that we could be with Him. We were intended to be able to interact with Him and He could have the pleasure of our devotion and our worship. Then evil and darkness crept in and deviously tricked us into seeking what our souls did not really need. We got our eyes on another apple and have never stopped chasing everything else under the sun. Our souls, however, still recognize this restlessness and our deep inner need to be with God. A few souls have recognized that this need of ours can only be filled by seeking again the presence of the Lord. These precious ones will know the peace and pleasure they have found by seeking again the One that can fill them. Experiencing God in personal experience is such a thrilling experience and brings satisfaction that no earthly treasure could ever compare. But rather than releasing the soul from its endless search for filling, our desires shift from chasing the cheap and passing gains of earthly living. We are relieved from the pressure of our rat race, but gladly accept our heart´s new quest. And that is, to drive our souls hard in pursuit of the presence of God until we can remain there with Him forever!

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