Who Is Worthy

Although men and women everywhere may sense a deep inward longing to make it back into the presence of God, it is much more difficult to accomplish than merely wanting it. It is where mankind was designed to be and it is what God wants too. But, for us to get there takes more than wishful thinking. It takes far more than a lifetime of good actions and correct doctrines. It takes more than a good name among our peers. It takes a complete change in our nature. Humans chose to walk our own path long ago and, for all the years we have spent wandering in the wilderness, we have not come much closer to entering the promised land. What it takes for a person to become eligible to enter into the immediate presence of the Divine, is a heart that has been washed clean. There is only one Person, or Way, that this can be done. His name is Jesus. Some try to call on His name like it is their backstage pass. However, if the desire within us never became strong enough for us to go out of our way to get to know Him personally, then our notions will forever remain mere notions. Let us all make it our utmost goal to come to know Christ intimately in the most real and vital relationship of our lives.


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