Experts At Meeting God

It is not the man who sits comfortably in a chair and watches documentaries of the sea who is the expert. It is not even the person who reads or writes books about it who knows the deep. One must experience the sea, its size, taste, power, and beauty. The would-be expert would need to cultivate their knowledge of the oceans by spending countless hours in and around them. We would have to plunge into it, breathe in its aroma, taste its saltiness, and sense its movement. We would have to become familiar with its teeming life. The same goes for truly knowing another person. We have to do something to truly know someone. Time, effort, emotion, and communication are essential in coming to know the other person. With the Lord, things are no different even if our religions fail to encourage us enough. If we want the heavens to part and for us to find ourselves standing before the Almighty, we had better get our souls excited about cultivating our relationship with Christ and coming to know Him personally. We were made and even purchased for the explicit purpose of being with God. So let us start being with Him now in increasing degrees until we become experts and our endless future with Him is secure!

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