Those Who Believe

The mass of humanity chases every delight they choose. But, there is a small number of people in every generation who look above the hustle and bustle of our current scene. These peculiar ones set their hearts on knowing One so inconceivably immense that no word can describe Him and no thought can capture Him. Our God in Heaven is wrapped in a cloud of unknowing so great that even the religions that choose to turn to Him cannot even approach a clear description of His greatness. Some try, others choose not to. But those blessed souls that lift their eyes and their hearts in wonder, stand to encounter this inexplicable One. When He moves into the sphere of their conscious awareness, they will be undone. The weight of the moment is always too much for mortals to take in. Many fall to their faces. Some pray for help to support the weight of infinity filling their souls. What really helps is a close and dear Friend, even a Savior, who will stand close to us and strengthen us by His presence. What bliss it is to have the Conquering King as our dearest and most constant Companion! Thanks, Lord!


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