Drawn To The Lord

Something magical happens when a person sets their heart upon the Lord that gives them something to live for. Before they fell in love with Him, their heart went out to all kinds of different things. After their encounter, when they have tasted His sweetness and been astounded by His presence, their heart finds a new direction. Now the wondering believer seeks greater revelations and a more intimate relationship with the One they adore. If their conversion is merely a question of being convinced by argument or doctrine, the new believer may not have found this quest. But, the moment they have awakened to the awareness of God´s immediate presence and magnitude, they will be drawn towards their life´s newest and greatest treasure. Each step closer to Him in their relationship will be happily celebrated. Each new discovery of Him will be sweeter than the previous. Every moment spent with the Apple of their eye will fill them with joy. Most of all, as our relationship with the Lord grows, we are comforted and our bond with Christ is strengthened. Let God´s wondering admirers seek the One they love, their hearts burn for Him, and He will fill their aching hearts to overflowing with His presence!


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