Out Of Our Way

The most exhilarating and humbling experience available to mankind is to find ourselves in the presence of the Divine. You do not have to be an adamant church-goer or a goody-two-shoes to have this experience as they are both worldly-oriented and outward actions. Having a relationship with the Savior is still the Way to take if we ever seriously consider meeting God. Attending services, having a worshipping family to encourage us, and striving to be more like our loving, all-righteous God are blessed ways to strengthen our bond with the Lord. Forming part of the religious community does not assure anyone of their right to experience an awakening or to bow in the immediate presence of the Almighty. We will have to go out of our way to seek that experience if it is going to happen to us. It is what mankind was created for and will be the eternal future for those who care to look for it. But, waking up to find that God is here with us and realizing His infinite power and wisdom is a life-changing moment for those who would press forward to have that experience. We should each pray constantly that our hearts are opened towards Heaven, that the Spirit may lead us closer, and that we hunger for the moments where we can bow breathlessly in the very presence of God. Shall we now?


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