The Heavens Will Part

Although not too many people are talking about it these days, there is an experience that we can have here on earth that blows all the other ones away. It is a moment of surprise and uncomparable bewilderment where a humbled individual encounters our mysterious and unseen God. The reason we do not hear about it is that fewer people all the time even try to reach that point of awareness. Also, dark forces are still at work in the hearts of men and would not want us to realize and turn to seek the Lord with any real conviction. But, when our Father in Heaven sees souls who will humble themselves and turn to look for His movement, He is pleased to move into the sphere of our conscious awareness. When He does, it is more amazing than one can tell. There are no words to describe it, but all that we clung to before is wiped away in an instant. Our reality has changed. We realize that all the earth´s fixed points are wrong and our infinite God is the only true point of reference. It is a terrifying experience yet the most exhilarating at the same time. All we can do is bow in breathlessly in awe and worship. Following that, we will only want to seek our next discovery of Him!


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