More Of Our Walk

In moments of conviction, we will feel like there is so much ground that could be gained between us and our Savior. We are struck by the sensation that He is calling us to draw nearer to Him and we are painfully far from Him in our hearts. The truth is that we could all grow much closer to the Lord and we should. Christ walked on earth with His heart, His mind, His soul so connected to God that there was no distance at all between them. As He walked, so should we. It is our calling and our highest goal. If we can get that intimate with our Savior, then our eternal future is secure and every aspect of our lives will be lived directly as our Friend and Companion wants. Any step on our own is tragically too far from Him and not heading in the right direction. So if our challenge is to grow closer in our relationship with our Lord, then the only way to make it happen is to make our goal more important to us. Let us pray today that we drive ourselves increasingly harder all the time in our search for our Savior and closer to Him every day!


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